People say...
“All of the components built on one another to end up with a comprehensive understanding of how all the elements work together. The only improvement would be to bring in the full day workshop and to try to extend this type of exercise to as many people in the organization as possible.” — Customer Service Manager (financial services)

What’s Up Now…

Welcome. Here are a few things we want to draw your attention to right away. If you’re looking for information about ThinkX, check the page menu tabs above.

leadershipNew Book: Leadership Is Half the Story

Marc Hurwitz and Samantha Hurwitz have co-written a book about the dynamic between leadership and followership: Leadership Is Half the Story. This research-backed, field-tested book seamlessly integrates leadership and followership for more productive, healthier collaborations. The book offers a host of new ideas and practical advice for everyone in an organization. Find out more about Leadership Is Half the Story here.

BookCover-132x200New Book: Never Be Closing

Tim Hurson and Tim Dunne have co-written a book about sales: Never Be Closing describes how to use Productive Thinking to enhance sales relationships, with positive results for both sides. Find out more about Never Be Closing here.

ThinkX Chile
Santiago, Chile

Leonardo Muñoz has founded ThinkX Chile, along with new partners Gabriela Prado and Esteban Carbonell. ThinkX Chile will bring Productive Thinking consulting and training to Chile and Argentina. Check out their offerings on their new website here.

Wow!! Your keynote presentation was amazing, inspiring, and so meaningful to all who were fortunate to participate…You are truly a motivational speaker and successfully challenged us to think more creatively and improve the way in which we work with others.” — Comment on a previous Tim Hurson keynote presentation