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Marc Hurwitz

Marc Hurwitz

Marc Hurwitz • ThinkX Consulting Partner
Toronto ON, Canada

Marc is co-founder and Chief Insight Officer of FliPskills. Marc and Samantha Hurwitz have co-written a book about the dynamic between leadership and followership: Leadership Is Half the Story. This research-backed, field-tested book seamlessly integrates leadership and followership for more productive, healthier collaborations. The book offers a host of new ideas and practical advice for everyone in an organization.

Marc holds a PhD in cognitive neuroscience, an MBA, and Masters degrees in Physics and Mathematics. He combines that with many years corporate, executive and entrepreneurial experience in diverse areas from Marketing to HR to Actuarial. Marc also lectures at the Conrad Centre for Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology, University of Waterloo, and has been recognized with numerous awards for teaching, academic achievement, speaking, professional training, acting and poetry. Marc is known for being engaging, interesting, super insightful and not a woolly-headed academic at all!

Along with talks on neuroscience – including The Creative Brain for ThinkX – Marc facilitates Productive Thinking, collaboration, followership, leadership, scribes when you need someone special to do it, and works as a ‘trained brain’, something he’s particularly well trained for!